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Pure, unrefined, safe and nutrient-packed, these oils retain the natural colors, textures and scents of the plants from which they are made: the main source of the plant's healing properties.

Unrefined ingredients will add happy, bright, natural colors, textures, and scents to your products like you've never experienced before, and your customers will definitely love them at first sight.



Our butters are a delight for the senses: the smells, colors, and textures. Unrefined butters have been used by different cultures for a variety of healing purposes including soap-making, skin and hair care, and cooking.  Plus, butters and waxes give texture and stability to body butters, healing balms, ointments, lip balms and creams. Fall in love with one or all of our range of butters and waxes to add protective and moisturizing properties to your products! 


Obtained by maceration of quality wild-harvested fresh herbs, roots, leaves or fruits in either kosher vegetable glycerin, or olive, babassu, or coconut oil our botanical extracts are controlled at all stages of manufacturing - from harvesting to packaging. 

These extracts contain high concentrations of the plant's phytochemicals and nutrients with analgesic, antiseptic, microbial, anesthetic, antioxidants, regenerating, moisturizing, and soothing properties.

 Alcohol Free.  Propylene Glycol Free.